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Alpine Skiing - FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships - Women's Alpine Downhill - St. Moritz, Switzerland - 12/2/17 - Ilka Stuhec of Slovenia displays her gold medal. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Write to Ilka! Send a letter to her address Hitra cesta 1, Maribor.

During the long and challenging season, fans of the Slovenian alpine skier Ilka Štuhec will now support their favourite athlete in a special way.

From today on, they can send her a letter in a form of a drawing, postcard or a simple text and send it to a special address, which was opened for Ilka Štuhec by the national postal company. Ilka Štuhec will receive letters in physical form and often choose the winner among the fans.

Fans are powerful motivators for the athletes. How loud cheering encourages competitor is something that can be felt during every game.
That is why the company decided to open a special address for Ilka Štuhec – Ilkina Pošta (Ilka’s Mail), Hitra cesta 1, 2002 Maribor, Slovenia, the EU –, where Ilka’s biggest fans can send encouraging words in the form of a letter, postcard, and children can also send drawings.

It means a lot to Ilka Štuhec that she can hold this letters because sending a classical mail is much more personal. Considering the amount of effort she puts into her training, she is aware that there is a lot of deliberation behind every letter and that each word was chosen specifically for her, and that the drawings are associated with her.

This way, the fans will be able to encourage an athlete, who just returned after her injury and needs all of their support, also added the Post of Slovenia.

Source: RTVSLO.si | A. K., translated by K. Sm.

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