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Weather: Temperatures Dropping Close to -20 Degrees!

It will be freezing cold in next few days in Slovenia with temperatures in some places dropping to -20 degrees. It will be mostly sunny by more cloudiness in the afternoon and tomorrow with light snow expected in parts of eastern and northern Slovenia.

Town of Celje in eastern Slovenia woke up this morning in -19 degrees, similar was in Kocevje (SE) and Slovenj Gradec (NE) with -17 degrees.

The mercury is expected to fall again nine to 15 degrees, in some places even to 17,18 degrees centigrade below freezing inland and four degrees below zero on the coast on tomorrow morning.

Daytime highs will range from -6 to zero inland and up three degrees on the coast. But it will feel even colder due to chilly winds blowing from the north-east.

Due to low temperatures, the risk of snow avalanches and strong winds, the Environment Agency has issued an orange alarm, its second highest, for Tuesday.

The cold snap will continue until New Year’s Day. It will be partly sunny with light snow in parts of northern and central Slovenia on Wednesday morning.

Source: http://www.sloveniatimes.com/

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