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Trobla The wooden amplifier for iPhones and other smartphones

KOPER, SLOVENIA April 7th 2015 The design team Tok Tok have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their wooden amplifier for smartphones called Trobla, which is the Slovene word
for horn. Trobla enhances the volume by one and is made entirely of wood. They want to raise enough funds to start the production and distribution of Trobla though this crowdfunding campaign. Their project is community based so that all members involved could contribute to showcase their knowledge and abilities in video production, photography, illustration, webdesign, music and prototyping.

The Workshop
Trobla is the result of the work of three friends Matej Rodela, Andrej Koruza and Martin Šoštarič who wanted to bring Andrej’s grandfather’s old carpentry workshop back to life. Andrej is a renowned mosaic maker, Martin is an awarded product designer and Matej works in the media. They are all about community, so launching Trobla to the world on Kicksarter was a natural fit, where all of their friends could share their abilities and knowledge. From photos and video to illustrations, music, communications, prototyping and web design, it took a team to bring this project to life.

Successful Slovenian Kickstarter campaigns such as the smart wheel FlyKly, the rear fender MUSGUARD, pinholes cameras ONDU and the Zen Egg have paved the way for an alternative approach to business. They opened a new way of thinking in Slovenia, formerly a part of Yugoslavia, where entrepreneurship was not encouraged at the time. Crowdfunding has become an accepted way to obtain the necessary funds. It is an awesome opportunity for Tok Tok to set up a production line and start procuring more appropriate tools while testing the global market and getting Troblas directly to those who want them.

Support them here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/toktok/trobla-a-wooden-amplifier-for-iphone-and-other-sma

Source: trobla.com


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