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In future also the production of postman's vehicles will be increased. Photo: MMC/Televizija Slovenija

Tomos Back On Its Feet, Offering New Jobs

Tomos from Koper is optimistic regarding their future, as they finally managed to assure the indispensable financial resources for restarting their production. After many years Tomos will again start employing new workers.

Before summer, which should have been their most busy part of the year, the production was on decline, admits the head of Tomos Iztok Pikl. They managed to produce and sell only approximately 700 vehicles, which is far from the planned number. “For this year 5,500 to 6,000 units have been planned, and we won’t be able to keep to the plan,” he explains.

The reason was the non-liquidity of the company and waiting for the much-needed loans which would allow them to repay their suppliers, and to launch the production. They lacked the money even for salaries, but all that is in the past. Pikl explains that they have already restarted the production, and luckily a lot of consumers are interested in Tomos products.

“In principle all the orders for next year are still valid, and this year we will do our best to deliver the products which had been planned for production and sale,” Konstantin de Ferrer, Tomos sales manager, explains.

Planned recruitments
To what extent they will succeed also depends on reinforcements of staff. “We need personnel for development, technical services, mostly, engineers and workers in production,” Pikl explained. The countries of Benelux, Morocco and Scandinavian countries remain their key market, and they are still present in the USA in spite of delay in deliveries. “We have already received orders. With March we will start delivering two containers per month,” de Ferrer predicts.

In future also the production of postman’s vehicles will be increased.

Source: rtvslo.si | T. H., Dejan Jelačin, TV Slovenija; translated by G. K.

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