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Thousands to Welcome New Year Outdoors

Open-air New Year’s Eve celebrations will be held in the streets and squares of Slovenian cities and towns on Thursday. Organisers hope thousands will show up, although temperatures are forecast to be much lower than so far in December.

In the capital Ljubljana revelers will have a choice of four concert venues, with music ranging from accordion oompah in Pogačar Square to urban contemporary music in French Revolution Square and a selection of pop and rock at the biggest venue in Congress Square.

The traditional fireworks will be lit over Ljubljana Castle at midnight. Interestingly, Ljubljana will be among a handful of cities with fireworks, as many communities opted to shun the expense due to empty municipal coffers.

The main event in the country’s second largest city Maribor will be held in Leon Štukelj Square. Outdoor parties are also planned in cities such as Celje, Koper, Kranj, Slovenj Gradec, Murska Sobota, Ptuj, Velenje, Nova Gorica and Novo mesto.

Source: sloveniatimes.com

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