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The Miner

Based on a true story: 2009, Slovenia, Alija is an immigrant miner. Due to the crisis, miners are losing jobs. Alija is happy when he is sent to work in an abandoned mine, to check if it is empty. In the mine, he finds hidden proof of post-WW2 crimes. He is threatened to stop digging, but he decides to continue, risking his job.

Deep in the dangerous mine, Alija discovers 4000 bodies. He informs the police. He saw women among the dead: they are civilians, missing persons. But there is no interest in identifying or burying them. The mine is proclaimed a military grave. Alija refuses to deny the truth and wall the dead in again. He loses his job. But his struggle for the truth has just begun. Director: Hanna Antonina Wojcik Slak

Source: cinequest.org | Nina Zheng

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