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The organizers counted 58.400 people in Planica. Foto: BoBo

The Fans Always Leave a Big Mark In Planica

“Where are the Norwegians this year?” is a question that could be heard many times this weekend at the ski flying holiday. Although not very strong in numbers, the Norwegian fans always leave a big mark in Planica.

Tourism workers love them for their thick wallets, and for the good experience they have with them – they don’t cause any problems, even when they have one too many drinks. But ever since the success of Adam Malysz, who reigned over the ski jumping world at the start of the century, the biggest number of foreign fans that gather under Mount Ponca come from Poland.

We ran into Rune Dahl where they serve the drinks. The 67-year-old from Trondheim is a real Planica veteran. This was his fourteenth visit to Planica. “I come here because I love ski jumping – in the past, I myself was also a ski jumper. But what I like the most here is the atmosphere,” said Dahl.

He hopes to be in Planica even in the year 2023. “With all my heart I hope that you get the organization of the Nordic World Ski Championships, and I believe that you will. Even though your main opponent in getting the organization is my own Trondheim,” valiantly said Dahl.

Two years ago, when the “Slovenian Eagles” were most successful, there were around 110,000 spectators under Mount Ponca. This year the number was almost half less. The Planica organizers counted 13,200 people on Thursday, around 12,600 on both Friday and Sunday, while the biggest crowd gathered on Saturday, when around 20,000 people came to watch the ski jumping team event.

Source: RTVSLO.SI | Tina Hacler, MMC; translated by K. J.; photo: BoBo

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