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The Can Slo Fest was an outstanding success

The Can Slo Fest was an outstanding success. Despite the heat, the fest was well attended. Congratulations to the organizers of this musical feast.

We were most professionally entertained! From the staging to the lighting to the crew’s strategic presence and, most resoundingly to the astounding musical talents on stage, this was a first on a level never before seen in our community. It was well worth the long slow drive. Ticket prices were cheap, considering what one normally pays for concerts. One person said she would have paid $100/ticket to see the show, it was that good.

Fronting the headliners Miskulin, Rink and Kreslin was local talent starting with Spotlight Orchestra at 3:00pm then Julie Mihevc. Miskulin at 5pm was followed by Abby Rose Kompare. Lyn Marie Rink came on at 7:00pm and we closed with Vlado Kreslin around 9:00pm. And yes, there were encores!

Some of us had never before heard of Joey Miskulin or Lynn Marie Rink from the US. They are now unforgettable – Joey Miskulin has a more blues/jazz tone to his music while Lyn Marie Rink is more country. Both stars proudly incorporate a classic Slovenian sound into their music. They are charismatic musicians. who engage their audiences. We heard one young woman tell that Lyn Marie brought her mother to tears she loved her music so much. It’s not a wonder Lyn Marie is a grammy nominee!

Vlado Kreslin, a musical star in Slovenia, writes beautiful, soulful music and then rocks it to the highest energies! He is charming, personable and approachable. Many in the audience sang along to his songs with such joy!

What a surprise when Lyn Marie Rink went up on stage to take a selfie with Kreslin and then the two of them did an impromprtu singalong smile emoticon … and, yes, “his show was amazing”!
When we left, a few people were hanging around with Lyn Marie and another accordionist and singing Slovenian folk songs, just like in the old days.

Thank you to all who attended! Thank you to all who worked behind the scenes, especially the organizing committee: John Doma, Stan Drobnic, Alenka Peter, Joe Pust, Mario Resnik, Miran Vamberger, Magda Razpotnik, Simon Pribac, Jay Banerjee, Bill Kocjancic and Mark Kozar. Thanks also to the Consulate of Slovenia for their support. You all took a risk to put on a show of such magnitude! Well done all around.

Source: Slovenski Dom Facebook Page

Photo by: Luka Zibelnik

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