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Wise Men: Are Slovenians the Best at Predicting Weather?

Slovenians have hundreds of proverbs, myths and legends all dealing with one of mankind’s greatest mysteries: predicting weather. For centuries they were closely tied and dependent on the land. They were also a lot better at paying attention to it, because then knowing will the winter be full of snow was closely tied to survival. While probably not all of ...

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Extreme Snow Storm to Hit Slovenia, Up to 80 cm Snow Expected

Slovenia has been placed under alert as heavy snowfall is expected in most of the country during a 24-hour period starting at midday Thursday, with strong winds hitting the western region in particular. The Environment Agency issued an orange alert, its second highest, for most parts of the country for Thursday and for the whole country on Friday as up ...

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Weather: Temperatures Dropping Close to -20 Degrees!

It will be freezing cold in next few days in Slovenia with temperatures in some places dropping to -20 degrees. It will be mostly sunny by more cloudiness in the afternoon and tomorrow with light snow expected in parts of eastern and northern Slovenia. Town of Celje in eastern Slovenia woke up this morning in -19 degrees, similar was in ...

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