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Why Slovenia?

Last time, I discussed why cobblestone, socialism, advertising and Rog’s Pony bicycles all help to make Slovenia a better place to live than America. Here is some further evidence to support the same conclusion. Slippers – Since your average tourist or business traveler is about as likely to see the inside of a local’s house as they are to see a ...

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The Land Across the River

In a nation known for its mountains and valleys, Prekmurje stands apart. Consisting mostly of flatland as well as gentle hills to the north, the “land across the Mura” was once a part of Hungary and still feels unlike any other part of Slovenia. The region’s Hungarian past lives on in the form of a vibrant Hungarian community. In the ...

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An Underground Maze

Kranj, the historical capital of Slovenia’s Gorenjska region, is known for its medieval architecture and its location below the Alps, but its newest tourist attraction lies far beneath the town’s streets. Kranj’s mysterious network of tunnels has its origins in the tense days before the outbreak of World War II. That’s when local authorities decided to build a network of ...

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