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Boštjan Kline Celebrating His First Win

Boštjan Kline is the latest addition to the list of Slovenian winners at World Cup skiing races. Six years after becoming the Junior World Champion, Kline won the downhill race in Kvitfjell. “Wonderful! I skied well and I did everything I had to do. This is one of the best days in my career,” said the 25-year-old Kline, who had ...

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    Filip Flisar Takes Home Slovenia’s Tenth Win Of The Winter Season

    Filip Flisar continued his winning streak, taking home a win at the second ski cross competition in Innichen, Italy. He is now second in the overall standings. The 29-year-old Maribor native showed an even more convincing performance than a day earlier; he ended up winning all four knockout rounds. In the round of 16 and in the semifinals, he won ...

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      Ilka Stuhec Continues Great Form With World Cup downhill Win

      Ilka Stuhec continued her outstanding form by winning a World Cup downhill race on Saturday for her fourth victory so far in a remarkable season. The 26-year-old Slovenian finished .28 seconds ahead of Austrian Cornelia Huetter and .32 clear of Italian Soffia Goggia — who is also enjoying a breakthrough season. Stuhec had never finished higher than fourth in a ...

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        ELAN – Pride of Slovenia and a Global Player in Ski Production

        “Who thinks about sleep, or about money? The world is waiting for me, and for Elan. In the year 2000, you will see, a magnificent factory will stand in this place,” Rudi Finžgar once proclaimed passionately. And so it happened, but he did it 30 years earlier, in 1970. Rudi Finžgar, a skier, expert craftsman, inventor, pioneer, visionary and, most ...

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