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Slovenian Scientist Makes Major Breakthrough in Cell Research

Matjaž Humar and his colleague Seok Hyun Yun of Harvard University have made a major breakthrough in biological cell research, as they succeeded to create self-contained cellular biolasers, Slovenia’s leading research institution, the Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS), announced in a press release on Wednesday. The lasers appear in the form of a microscopic fluorescent droplet, the IJS said adding that ...

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University of Nova Gorica participates at unveiling space secrets

The construction of the new observatory for gamma-astronomy will start next year. The largest observatory in the world will allow exploration of the more distant space. The scientists from the University of Nova Gorica will be participating at this project, the cost of which is estimated to 350 million euros. This is a great acknowledgement for the university, and a ...

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World’s Most Accurate Object Recognition Algorithm Developed

Slovenian researchers have developed an extremely accurate algorithm for object recognition. Using data from laser meters, the algorithm allows the recognition of buildings, the terrain and even individual trees. The algorithm, which is presently the most accurate in the world, was developed in the laboratory for geometrical modelling at the Maribor Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. It is ...

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