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Digital Campaign Promoting Slovenia in Europe and North America

The Slovenian Tourism Board (STO) launched on Monday a digital campaign promoting Slovenia in a dozen of European countries as well as in the US and Canada. Running until mid November, it aims to get 150 million online hits and reach at least 50 million Facebook users and a million users on Instagram. The global campaign is to address key markets ...

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    Baby Boom in Postojna Cave

    On Saturday, 30 January 2016, one of Postojna Cave’s tour guides noticed that there was an olm egg attached to the glass of the aquarium, which is located in the Concert Hall of Postojna Cave. Next to the egg, there was a pregnant female olm watching it carefully. They noticed that the pregnant female olm had only one egg, which ...

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      The Living Nativity in Postojna Cave Was Promoted Around The Globe

      In the environment of the beautiful Postojna underworld, the biblical scenes come to life in a uniquely exceptional way. Fantasy stalactite forms, the inventive play of light, harmonious music and singing in a very acoustic environment. All this creates almost surreal Christmas atmosphere. The biblical scenes representing the birth of Jesus are becoming more and more recognized and popular around the ...

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