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Tiny Slovenia World’s Best at Preserving Environment to Boost Prosperity

Protecting the environment makes nations more prosperous, a think tank said on Thursday, as a study showed Slovenia is the country best at using nature to improve the well-being of its citizens. In its study, the London-based Legatum Institute for the first time included governments’ efforts to reduce pollution, preserve biodiversity and limit the exploitation of natural resources in a ...

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Postojna he-bear Goiat to chase Spanish she-bears

Postojna he-bear Goiat was captured and transported to Spain. He has already been released into the Pyrenees. Goiat was brought to Spain to mate with local females. He is to replace Pyros, another he-bear brought to Spain from Slovenia. Goiat’s first offspring could be born next year, and the Slovenia Forest Service will receive annual reports from its Spanish counterpart organization ...

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Small Nature Miracle: First Baby Dragon Is Born

After four months of vigilant observation of the amphibian, and the eggs it laid, came the news from the cave: the first baby olm hatched! The olm started laying eggs on January 31, and the embryos within the eggs are becoming more and more active, which is a proof that they are growing and developing, was reported by the Postojna Jama. ...

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