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On the trail of Sevnica’s most famous resident: Melania Trump

For just less than a year, a Slovenian who grew up in Sevnica has been America’s First Lady. Interest in the town where Melania Trump grew up was particularly intense when Donald Trump became President. This year, the number of visitors to Sevnica has increased, mostly thanks to people interested in Melania Trump’s hometown. It’s a beautiful, sunny morning when ...

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Potica, The Delicious Queen of Festive Dishes

Potica takes first place among traditional festive pastries in Slovenia. This is especially true during Easter. It is a rolled pastry made of leavened dough filled with any of a great variety of fillings. Slovenian housewives also love baking poticas at non-festive times to pamper their loved ones. In households, grandmothers and mothers often have an important task to train ...

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