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Lenarčič Presents The Results Of His 20.000 km Long Journey Across Asia

The team behind the Green Light World Flight mission plans to use the data collected during Matevž Lenarčič’s flight across Asia in an ultralight aircraft for scientific purposes and raising awareness about black carbon. Individuals will be able to press on politicians and bring about changes, which will have to tackle the very basis of our social system. Lenarčič conducted ...

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Slovenian Explorer Embarks On New Round-The-World Flight

Slovenian pilot Matevž Lenarčič began his third solo round-the-world flight in an ultralight aircraft in Portorož on Friday. As all of Lenarčič’s expeditions, the latest project will have an environmental note. As part of the GreenLight WorldFlight 2016 Lenarčič will help measure atmospheric concentrations of black carbon, a powerful pollutant that has been found to play an important role in ...

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