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France Rode, inventor of pocket calculator HP-35 (feature) VIDEO

As a young electrical engineer, France Rode (1934-2017) joined Hewlett-Packard, where he worked on the team that invented the first pocket calculator. This was only one of his many ground-breaking achievements facilitating the development of modern electronics in what has since become known as Silicon Valley. Rode left Yugoslavia for the US in 1960 after graduating in electro-mechanics in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. Although ...

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ASEF 4th Annual Gala, Cleveland, OHIO

4th annual ASEF Gala was dedicated to American Slovenian inventors, innovators and educators, presented by Dr. Edi Gobec. He has spent most of his life diligently collecting and researching every person of Slovenian background that could be considered a candidate for ‘who is who’ in any field, and in American science and industry in particular. His book ’Slovenian American Inventors ...

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