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Sun, Wind, and Cheese

Slovenia’s Karst Plateau is one of the most unique areas in Slovenia. It’s known for its stark limestone landscape, its strong Bora winds, and vegetation that is influenced both by the nearby Adriatic Sea and the harsh conditions of the country’s interior. The environment has shaped the lifestyle of generations and has resulted in a unique variety of cheese – ...

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    Hiša Franko For The First Time Among The Best 100 Restaurants In The World!

    When the World’s 50 Best Restaurants academy chose Ana Roš, in January, for the best female chef in the world, one could already anticipate that Hiša Franko would make it on the list of best restaurants in the world. The expectations were confirmed today, a good week before the announcement of this year’s best restaurants in the world in Melbourne. ...

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      Why Has No One Heard Of Ana Roš?

      The Slovenian chef, who’s spent 16 years revolutionizing her country’s food, is about to star in Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Will the world finally pay attention? Photographed in front of a suspiciously still lake on an overcast day, Slovenian chef Ana Roš stands midsection-up wearing nothing but a wire necklace of nine smoked fish skewered through their heads, their bodies fanned ...

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        Organic Farming Spreads in Slovenia

        Different types of landscapes, a large number of mountain farms and many fertile areas provide excellent opportunities for the development of organic farming in Slovenia. As a consequence, the number of organic farms and growers and processors of organic food in Slovenia increases from year to year. Given growing consumer demand for organic products and foods, and the increasing volume ...

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          The Windswept Karst Gives Slovenian Prosciutto Its Taste

          Slovenia’s Karst prosciutto (kraški pršut) is not nearly as famous as its Italian counterpart, but it is just as highly prized by gourmets and is increasingly being promoted as one of the country’s culinary treasures. It is the environment of southwestern Slovenia that gives the ham its unique flavor. The rugged Karst plateau serves as the boundary between the climates ...

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            Slovenians Better at Eating Their Veg

            Slovenians appear to have become more conscious about their diet with the latest statistics showing a 8% surge in vegetable consumption per capita last year. Slovenians ate an average 104 kilos of vegetables per capita last year, but only grew 38% of what they consumed at home, so they had to depend on imported greens. Cereals remain the staple of ...

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