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Slovenia’s Ski Making Pioneer

Slovenia has a along tradition of skiing; the residents of the Bloke Plateau were the first in Central Europe to use skis for transportation. But it was a man named Jakob Rozman who created the first Slovenian brand of skis – and helped to make skiing the national pastime. The story began in the Bohinj Valley, which is surrounded by ...

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ELAN – Pride of Slovenia and a Global Player in Ski Production

“Who thinks about sleep, or about money? The world is waiting for me, and for Elan. In the year 2000, you will see, a magnificent factory will stand in this place,” Rudi Finžgar once proclaimed passionately. And so it happened, but he did it 30 years earlier, in 1970. Rudi Finžgar, a skier, expert craftsman, inventor, pioneer, visionary and, most ...

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