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Slovenian Museum and Archives Exhibit – Slovenian Pop Drink for All Ages

  Slovenian Museum and Archives in Cleveland recently hosted many exhibits about Slovenian history, culture and other related themes. Most recently, the museum presented the exhibit about Cockta, which was kindly provided and translated by the Slovene Ethnographic Museum. Presenter, Luka Zibelnik, went through the history of the most well-known Slovenian soda drink and counterpart to Coca-Cola. Visitors were able ...

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A Coca-Cola Substitute Became a Leading Slovenian Brand

In the 1950s, Coca-Cola was conquering the world, but the iconic American soft drink wasn’t available in Communist Yugoslavia. A Slovenian company decided to offer a substitute – and created an iconic brand of its own. In the interwar period, Emeril Zelinka owned a company that made syrups and liquor. As the manager, he made sure to keep in touch ...

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