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Sun, Wind, and Cheese

Slovenia’s Karst Plateau is one of the most unique areas in Slovenia. It’s known for its stark limestone landscape, its strong Bora winds, and vegetation that is influenced both by the nearby Adriatic Sea and the harsh conditions of the country’s interior. The environment has shaped the lifestyle of generations and has resulted in a unique variety of cheese – ...

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The Longest Cheese Strudel in Slovenia (160 m/525 foot, 800 kg/1764 lbs)

Stritar Street in Ljubljana has again offered record sweet goodness – after the longest baklava, on Saturday passers-by could taste a piece of cheese strudel that measured 160 meters (525 foot) in length. The longest cheese strudel ever baked in Slovenia was produced by Žito Group at the request of Lions Club Ljubljana charity organization. It measured 160 meters (525 foot) ...

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The Hills Above Tolmin Are Famous For an Age-old Cheese

The meadows high above the town of Tolmin are ideal for the production of dairy products, and for centuries the area has been the home to a unique type of cheese. Affected by both Mediterranean and Central European air masses, the Tolmin area in western Slovenia is perfect for various types of plants that make its high-altitude pastures prime cow-grazing ...

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