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A Bread With a Long History

Slovenia’s southern province of Bela Krajina is known as a land of sun-drenched vineyards and birch forests. It is also the home of a local delicacy whose origins date back to migrations from the Western Balkans. The dish is known as “Belokranjska pogača” and is essentially a type of flatbread topped with a layer of caraway, eggs, and sea salt. ...

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Cleveland: Belokranjski Klub 50th Anniversary

Belokranjski Klub 50th anniversary was celebrated at the banquet on November 14 at the Slovenian National Home in Cleveland. The hall was packed  with well-wishers; many prodigals and those whose jobs took them to other areas, returned to help celebrate the occasion. The KRES dancers performed the traditional folkdances of the region, including “Na Trumf”, a dance without musical accompaniment. ...

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