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Slovene Australians in 2014: The year that was!

As we approach the end of 2014, we take a look back at all the main events, the good, the bad and the ugly which occurred throughout this year. Source: SBS Radio Program (SBS Radio outside broadcast at the 14th bi annual Slovenian festival in at Slovenian Association Melbourne (SBS Slovenian))   In this special holiday feature, Slovenian Community leaders ...

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Slovensko društvo Melbourne celebrates its 60th anniversary

These days the Slovenian community in Melbourne is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its largest organisation, the Slovenian Association Melbourne. All current and potential members are invited to join in celebrations that will start on Saturday, 29 November, and end on Sunday, 30 November. The program is available on the Association’s website. On 5 December 1954, the first meeting that ...

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