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Ana Roš Crowned Best Female Chef In The World!

It was a sheer coincidence that Slovenians ended up with two first ladies within the same week – Ana Roš has officially been named the world’s best female chef, succeeding Dominique Crenn from the Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. The achievement is extraordinary and firmly places Slovenia on the gastronomic map of the world. It also reinforces Roš’s position on ...

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Why Has No One Heard Of Ana Roš?

The Slovenian chef, who’s spent 16 years revolutionizing her country’s food, is about to star in Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Will the world finally pay attention? Photographed in front of a suspiciously still lake on an overcast day, Slovenian chef Ana Roš stands midsection-up wearing nothing but a wire necklace of nine smoked fish skewered through their heads, their bodies fanned ...

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