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SWICH Wireless Charger by Lutman Design

The design is as monumental as one can get, compared to other wireless charger designs. »The wireless charger is no novelty on the market, and now it is no longer a stranger to design« 

Wireless charging is not anything new or anything special; It is clear that the future will offer cordless electronics and our living space does need this change. Smart watches, Headsets, Chargers and hopefully some day Television and other appliances. The new way was pointed out, but we need to explore the design possibilities. Swich is a step into the other sphere, a design of tomorrow. A common charger today is made of plastic, normally presented in a square shape. Swich delivered a massive leap in the design of wireless chargers for mobile phones and stands as a rebuilt and improved solution for creating a handsome charging appliance. Electronics designed in a calm natural method with handcrafting and care can be the most precious and loved possessions amongst the interiors.

It has a high charging efficiency and keeps the temperature of the phone low. The aim was to keep Swich developed as organically as possible, with a shape that would meet any office or home swichwicharger2decor. Swich is a small item intended to adapt the working space to the frequent usage of smartphones.

Swich wireless charger is an improved design and uniquely shaped wireless charger. The design was created and structured with an innovative and clever selection of ceramics and wood to form a stationary desk stand for mobile phones. Combining nature in an authentic form made Swich famous around the globe. This design with all the natural and aesthetic elements truly speaks to a wide public. It is a priceless accessory and a number one wireless charger design. Charging works for iPhones and Androids, practically with any of today’s phones and also tablets and smart watches which are adapted to Qi standard wireless charging.

This is the first smartphone stand and wireless charger that fully adapts to screen rotating function of modern mobile devices. The head of the stand can rotate along with the phone to turn the screen in preferred position. Users can place the device vertically or horizontally and are able to switch the position at any time with a simple turn. The viewer-friendly 45˚ angle gives the phone or tablet the proper position. The anti slip micro suction holding surface allows all flat and smooth phones to stick and hold, which makes the stand adaptable to shapes of mobile devices and guarantees a firm position. The phone remains steady inside the grip of tiny micro suction pads.

To achieve precision with the materials, handcrafting finish is needed from the production, so every Swich is a unique item. The classic Swich stand is featured in fine ceramics and American walnut. It is a unique wireless charger in terms of design and usability. Today, a smartphone has become a status symbol, an image boosting item like cars, a Maserati. And Swich became a fine set of rims to add bling.



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