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Slovenska Pristava – A Little Piece of Slovenia in U.S.

Slovenska Pristava is a private club for Slovenians in the United States which was founded by a group of refugees from Slovenia. Escaping to the United States, these refugees combined their efforts to bring a taste of the beautiful landscapes of Slovenia to their new homeland. Tucked away in the countryside near Geneva, Ohio, Slovenska Pristava has become a place of relaxation and respite from the daily grind for many Slovenian-Americans and their families and friends.

The place hosted a lot of Slovenian events and many of Slovenian music groups from Slovenia have already been there playing for all kind of occasions.

Slovenska Pristava – Winter 2016 – Google Street View Front (Click on the image below)


Slovenska Pristava – Winter 2016 – Google Street View Bar Area (Click on the image below)



After World War II a new wave of immigrants from Slovenia came to Cleveland. They settled in the city mostly around the two Slovenian parishes: St. Vitus in the St. Clair neighborhood and St. Mary of the Assumption in Collinwood. The newcomers were active in many organizations especially the Slovenian schools of both parishes.

Within the corporation are also other clubs like the Camp Pristava, Pensioners, Campers group and Balinca players. They all have their own events and contribute to the life and fun on Slovenska Pristava. Slovenska Pristava exists for everyone with a Slovenian heart to enjoy friends, music, food, fresh air, and a Slovenian atmosphere.

Camp Pristava 50th Anniversary Celebration

Camp Pristava recently celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary. The celebration took place at Slovenian National Home at St. Claire Avenue on 23th of January together with Slovenska Pristava Gala Dance. A lot of fun, good food, drink and music was sure a good reason to celebrate with them. Please see some pictures from the event below.



Find more about Slovenska Pristava here: slovenskapristava.org




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