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Slovenians On Kickstarter! Ziggie Bag – Don’t just cycle…REcycle

We’re certain that every cyclist in his cycling career has been forced to change at least one inner tube, which eventually found its way to the landfill site. So what if we told you that we could breathe new life into used bicycle inner tubes, that we could transform them into sexy, slightly extravagant and handy retro bicycle bags?

The rough beginnings of Ziggie Bag go back to the year 2014, when Žiga Bauer came up with an idea to make use of discarded bicycle inner tubes by transforming them into proper bicycle equipment. The desire for a more efficient use of natural resources led him to form a small team, which came up with the first prototype of the bag.

Ziggie Bag was created to keep your valuables safe (like your wallet or house keys),light your way and even recharge your phone using the integrated battery pack, which also powers the front mounted LED. The phone can be securely held by two rubber straps.

Being pretty and practical, however, is not everything this amazing bike bag has to offer. Using the Ziggie Bag also means that you care about your environment and support global efforts to preserve it – the bag is made out of discarded inner bicycle tubes, so you are making an environmentally conscious choice by being a contemporary cyclist who opted for a recycled accessory.

The Original Ziggie bag is primarily intended for urban cyclists for their day-to-day travels, but is also suitable for more ambitious bicycle enthusiasts. The phone holder with 2 rubber straps iscompatible with all different types of mobile phones, ranging from a small iPhone 3 to a large Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Hoping to attract like-minded people, who believe you can do so many wonderful eco-friendly things out of, basically, scrap material, the creative team behind the Ziggie Bag wishes to successfully end their project on Kickstarter . You can support them here http://kck.st/1VTb11s.

The idea of recycling and a more efficient use of natural resources is the central message of the bag. Our young team of bicycle and eco-enthusiasts thus came up with a slogan Don’t just cycle… REcycle, which perfectly conveys the meaning we are trying to get across.

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