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Slovenian students receive gold at US science competition

A team of eight secondary school students received the gold medal at the 2015 International Genetically Engineered Machine competition in Boston, USA. The students found a method to obtain biofuel from organic waste.

From waste to fuel

First Slovenian high-school group to compete at iGEM were very excited to face the challenges synthetic biology poses. In the research project, they will be dealing with new methabolic pathways in E. coli to produce bio fuels (n-butanol) from biodegradable waste.

Team (Slovenia_HS)


  • Dr. Ilja Gasan Osojnik Crnivec
  • Prof. Dr. Marko Dolinar
  • Dr. Marina Klemencic
  • Prof. Dr. Albin Pintar

Student Members

  • Ana Milovanovic
  • Domen Kulovec
  • Nina Jerala
  • Zala Sekne
  • Marisa Cvitanic
  • Anze Vozelj
  • Ales Zupancic
  • Jernej Savli

iGEM 2015 Results | About Team | Website |

Source: http://2015.igem.org/ | STA.si

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