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Marin Medak in Transatlantic 2012 (Photo: transantlantik.si)

Slovenian Kayaker First to Cross South Mediterranean

Slovenian sea kayaker Marin Medak has crossed the south Mediterranean sea from Tunisia to Turkey with the help of two fellow rowers to become the first person ever to complete the voyage rowing.

The adventurer from Primorsko was joined by Australian Huw Kingston for the initial stages of the journey to complete the feat on Wednesday with the help of Greek Dimitis Kokkoris.

Medak set off from Hammamet in Tunisia on 12 February to arrive in Cesme, Turkey, 1,750 kilometres and two months later, braving unsettled weather and fierce winds on the way.

“Until now I always had mixed feelings after finishing, but today I am thrilled to have succeeded,” Medak said after completing his goal.

“There were so many uncertainties, changing of plans and adjustments, that I can’t wait to be home again,” he said.

His initial plan was to complete the voyage in a month, but needed twice as much owing to adverse weather typical for this time of year with winds of around 100 km/h creating large waves.

In addition to this achievement, Medak is also the only Slovenian who has crossed the Atlantic and one of the youngest ocean rowing expedition leaders.


Source: www.sloveniatimes.com


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