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Slovenia Observing Europe Day

A series of events will be held around Slovenia to observe Europe Day, the day in 1950 when French Foreign Minister Robert Schumann presented his declaration for cooperation in Europe whose aim was to foster lasting peace among nations.

The declaration proposed the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community, which in 1951 became the first European Community and thus the predecessor to the 28-member EU that we know today. As every year since joining the EU in 2004, Slovenia has held a series of events leading up to 9 May with a Europe Week. This year events in held across the EU focused on proposals for a circular economy.

The culmination of the celebrations on Europe Day in Slovenia will see a number of events held around the country, including a concert organized by cultural organization Imago Sloveniae and the Dutch Embassy at the Ljubljana City Museum. The concert will feature three young Dutch musicians – pianist Rik Kuppen, clarinet player Jelmer de Moed and violinist Laura Lunansky – who recently won a competition in their homeland named after Princess Christina. They will perform in Slovenia as part of the Dutch presidency of the EU.

Elsewhere, Europe Direct points run by the European Commission in towns across the country will join the celebrations with events aimed at engaging the public, young and old, by presenting EU achievements and seeking their opinions on the bloc’s priorities. Slovenia’s parliament joined celebrations of Europe Day on Friday with a special session of the parliamentary EU Affairs Committee dedicated to reviewing EU-backed projects which have been implemented in Slovenia. An exhibition of selected projects carried out with the help of EU funds will run in parliament until Thursday.

Source: sloveniatimes.com

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