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Tomažič: From Hands and Hearts – Slovenian Recipes in Australia

Revised Edition Of Cookbook ‘From Hearts and Hands’

In 2012, Dr. Elizabeth Tomažič released the “From hearts and hands” cookbook, which has favorite recipes from Australian Slovenian cooks, predominantly in Victoria. Currently, she is preparing a revised edition and in this interview tells us more about what changes there are and where you can get a copy.


From Hearts and Hands Preview PDF File

The book with its priceless collection of 92 recipes and two special chapters about honey and wine provided by more than 40 Slovenians in Australia is sold out and it can (if you or your friends don’t have it at home) only be borrow in a few libraries, such as the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria.

If you want to contact Dr. Elizabeth Tomažič about the book (printed or electronic), you can email her at tomaliz1255@gmail.com.

You can also find a large number of Slovenian recipes using the following selected online resources:
www.slovenia.info/en/Dishes-and-Recipes (in English)
wwww.kulinarika.net/ENGLISH/text/cuisine.html (in English)
ww.kulinarika.net (in Slovenian)
okusno.je/rubrika/domace (in Slovenian)
jazkuham.si/slovenska-kuhinja (in Slovenian)

Source: Radio SBS | Slovenian Program | By Tania Smrdel

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