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Razingar and Kopitar open an academy for young hockey players

Slovenian hockey players Tomaž Razingar and Anže Kopitar have joined their forces in a joint project – a hockey academy for young players. In the absence of Anže Kopitar, who is preparing for the new NHL season in Los Angeles, Razingar presented the project at a news conference in Ljubljana. Matjaž Kopitar, who will also be part of the project as the head coach, filled in for his son.

Kopitar and Razingar have envisaged the project as an addition to regular practice that young players do throughout the year. At the academy, which is going to be organised at Bled in July 2016 and will be some sort of a continuation of this year’s camp led by Anže Kopitar, the players will gather to gain new knowledge for which there is too little time during the year – and more, the authors of the project have announced.

It is important that the kids have fun
We’ll try to put emphasis on some things for which there is no time during the year. We’ll build on education but, first and foremost, it’s important that the kids have fun. The purpose is to teach them as much as we can, and perhaps expand all this in the future with schooling for parents of young hockey players,” described the project Matjaž Kopitar.

Source: rtvslo.si

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