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Postojna he-bear Goiat to chase Spanish she-bears

Postojna he-bear Goiat was captured and transported to Spain. He has already been released into the Pyrenees. Goiat was brought to Spain to mate with local females. He is to replace Pyros, another he-bear brought to Spain from Slovenia. Goiat’s first offspring could be born next year, and the Slovenia Forest Service will receive annual reports from its Spanish counterpart organization on what Goiat had been up to.

The whole project, which is part of the EU Life+ programme, is based on a technical agreement between Slovenia and Spain. The agreement was signed by Slovenia’s Environment and Spatial Planning Minister, Irena Majcen, and Spain’s Minister of Agriculture, Isabel Garcia Tejerina.

The 10-year-old, 250 kg bear was captured in Jelen Forest, which is managed by the Slovenia Forest Service. Goiat was put to sleep in Slovenia, and outfitted with a GPS/GSM collar and two special ear transmitters in Catalonia.

Catalan wildlife experts released the bear on late Monday after a 20-hour transport from Slovenia. According to the Catalan project leader, Goiat – whose name means “young man” or “teenager” in Catalan – bravely ventured out of the vehicle and slouched off into the heartland of the Spanish Pyrenees.

Source: RTVSLO.si | K. S.; translated by D. V.
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