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Padre Pedro Opeka’s Visit to St. Mary’s Church in Cleveland

On Sunday, November 1st, Padre Pedro Opeka, a great Slovenian Humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize  Nominee, co-celebrated the 10:00 am Mass at St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Cleveland Ohio. The banquet began immediately after in the parish hall. The purpose of this event was two-fold. First it provides, those in attendance, with the opportunity to meet this safety man, honor  him for his work and be inspired by his life testimony and graces. Secondly is the hope to rally the community and collectively raising much needed founds to help further his ministry among the poor people.

Pedro’s Community of Good Friends, at 25 years of existence, consists of 18 villages and 3,500 clean homes, with 25,000 residents, including 12,000 children being fed daily and getting a good education. Pedro also established 4 maternity wards, 3 hospitals and 6 clinics, and has helped over half a million former garbage people. In addition, more than 500,000 transients were given short-term help with food, clothing, emergency room assistance and counseling. — THIS IS PEDRO’S MIRACLE OF MADAGASCAR!



Photos by: Ann Zakelj

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