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More than 1,500 migrants have entered Slovenia

More than 1,500 migrants have entered Slovenia so far, most through the border crossings at Obrežje and Rigonce, where 750 are still waiting to be allowed into the country. Austria has begun accepting migrants who left the accommodation facilities in Celje, Maribor, Lenart and Gornja Radgona.

On Saturday morning 250 migrants walked from Maribor and Lendava to the Austrian border at Šentilj, including a couple with a seven-day-old baby who had been born on the way. The Austrian police immediately called for an ambulance to take the couple with the baby across the border for a check-up.

Secretary Boštjan Šefic from the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that until late Saturday over 1,500 migrants had been registered: 510 Syrians, a similar number of Afghans, and around 150 Iraqis. About 600 migrants were still being processed for registration on Saturday. Only one person, who crossed the border in the area controlled by the Murska Sobota police department, requested international protection through filing an asylum request.

From the Obrežje border crossing, buses drove migrants into Slovenia throughout the day.

According to reports by Radio Slovenia, about 350 migrants were delivered to the halls of Pomurje trade fair at Gornja Radgona. As the Murska Sobota police department reported, an arbitrary action of the entire group of foreigners occurred shortly after 5 pm. The group left the Gornja Radgona reception centre and headed towards Austria. Austrian border patrol allowed them to cross the border.

On Saturday afternoon an international train arrived to the Austrian side of the border crossing Šentilj/Spielfeld, carrying about 260 migrants from Celje, where another reception centre for migrants has been set up. In the evening, after a few hours delay, the train departed for Vienna. Migrants stayed on it, while other passengers had been transferred to another train. The situation at Šentilj stayed calm throughout the evening.

Source: rtvslo.si

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