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Photo: rtvslo.si

The Longest Cheese Strudel in Slovenia (160 m/525 foot, 800 kg/1764 lbs)

Stritar Street in Ljubljana has again offered record sweet goodness – after the longest baklava, on Saturday passers-by could taste a piece of cheese strudel that measured 160 meters (525 foot) in length.

The longest cheese strudel ever baked in Slovenia was produced by Žito Group at the request of Lions Club Ljubljana charity organization. It measured 160 meters (525 foot) in length and weighed

Photo: rtvslo.si

Photo: rtvslo.si

nearly 800 kilograms (1764 lbs). Lions Club offered the sweet packet, which consisted of a piece of this sweet dessert as well as a bottle of non-alcoholic drink, for three euros. All of the money gathered in this way will be used for charity donations.

The organizers have been collecting funds for the Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted Youth of Ljubljana for a few years now:“This year’s funds will help the Association to modernize equipment and renovate the premises, which will enable the blind and partially sighted children to have better conditions for spending quality leisure time here.”

Slovenians run to help
This weekend the Slovenian Lions clubs have also been gathering funds for the blind and partially sighted in other ways – in 13 places across Slovenia an event called “I run to help” was held. This is the largest campaign of the Association of Lions Clubs Slovenia, whose purpose is on the one hand to raise awareness about the importance of sight as well as help blind and partially sighted children.

As the organizers have warned, Slovenia has many blind and partially sighted children who do not receive proper basic handling, let alone expert on due to a lack of funds. Therefore, this year’s charity donation will also support early handling and treatment of blind and partially sighted children.

In Ljubljana and other places across Slovenia, various other activities have been offered for this weekend. Special ranges intended for the blind have been set up for the sighted people to try out. Several associations who help people with special needs presented themselves in Celje. A special family day took place in Slovenska Bistrica, while special social events have been held in Maribor, the Volčji Potok Arboretum, Nova Gorica, Slovenj Gradec, Ravne na Koroškem, Piran and Brežice.


Source: D. S., MMC; translated by K. Z. | RTVSLO.si

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