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Peter Kauzer: The older I am, the better I am. Foto: Nina Jelenc

Kauzer Becomes European Champion in Prague

Kayaker Peter Kauzer has become the European champion in whitewater slalom in Prague. The 34-year-old Slovenian from Hrastnik has thus won the title of the best in Europe for the second time, after 2010.

Kauzer, who had seventh fastest time in the semi-finals, was excellent on the Vltava River, he performed perfectly in the final run. The competitors all lag behind. In the end, Kauzer celebrated with 51 hundredths of a second ahead of Czech Vit Prindiš. The third place went to another Czech, Jiri Prskavec (+0.85).

Kauzer was not very comfortable with the Troja channel In Prague until now since mistakes in it always made it impossible for him to climb to the very top, but this time he managed to avoid them.

I went all in and it worked
“Before the final, I joked that I had not been in the final of the competitions here Prague since 2011. If I did not succeed in 2016 due to pole touches, which also pushed me from the top to third place at the world championship last year, this time the run was perfect. I had not won in Prague before, so this time I had the best opportunity to do so. I managed to perform well, according to plans. I went all in, copied the Czech manner of kayaking and observed if that would work. It did in the end, and so I’m very happy, overjoyed,” said the 34-year-old kayaker who reached his career peak in 2016 with a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The older I am, the better I am
“Before the championship, I was joking that my goal was to make sure that the Czechs would not have a national championship in Prague. Before I always had problems with pole touches, this time I managed to paddle without any, and now the result is here. I am like wine – the older, the better,”Kauzer added jokingly.

Source: RTVSLO.si | R. K., A. V., MMC; translated by K. Z.

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