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Enroll in Slovenian online classes 101 or 201 in the Fall 2015

Need to take a language course for your degree? Do you want the possibility of learning at your own pace, and in any location you choose? If you want more freedom and flexibility in your courses then try Slovenian Language online!

The course has been created to be accessible from any location, and on any device (computer, cell phone, tablet, ipad, etc.). It gives you the opportunity to rewind, and have the entire course in the palm of your hand! Weekly assignments give you the flexibility of choosing when to login, and when to do your homework. Classes are offered at Cleveland State University (Department of Modern Languages) under the name SLN 101 or SLN 293, SLN 101 CE and SLN 201 CE. Take the course from home, at school, work, outside, or any other location that allows you internet access! It can be accessed and enrolled into from anywhere in the world. Classes are offered for credit points or continuing education (CE). People from all around the world can enroll in these classes, so enroll quickly.

For more proficient speakers or students who finished the SLN 101 and 102, we are going to offer the SLN 201 as well. Also, there is an advanced class meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-8PM at Holden Center, through CSU. For more information contact Luka Zibelnik at luka_zibelnik@yahoo.com


Message from Luka Zibelnik, instructor of Slovenian language:

Dear Mrs./Mr.

My name is Luka Zibelnik and I am an instructor of Slovenian language (sent by University of Ljubljana) in Cleveland, USA. I am writing you regarding a request. For the last two years I was preparing and made a new program for learning of Slovenian language completely online which was so far intended for students of Cleveland State University, and non-students over the program Continuing Education from all over the US. In two years I had more than 120 different students learning the language.

This year, my college decided to open the program also for other countries of the world (under the same price for Continuing Education). It is meant for Slovenian descendants, friends, colleagues, partners of Slovenians, who can’t learn Slovenian language on other lectureships or can’t attend the regular classes due to the restrictions of the modern rhythm of life.

The lectures are prerecorded in the program Tegrity, and students can watch them anytime in the week in which the unit is published. Accompanying lectures there is a PowerPoint presentation (textbook), Word document with new words, Online tool for easier pronunciation and Fun and Trivia folder with cultural and historical facts. Many of the units have Youtube videos, some music and literature.

A semester is 16 weeks long and is finished with a final exam. Beginning Slovenian (SLN 101 and 102) is two semesters long (Fall semester – starts in the end of August; and Spring semester – starts in January), the same goes for intermediate Slovenian (SLN 201 and SLN 202). The lectures are in English, Slovenian is spoken by a native speaker (myself) and American speaker (my wife).

For the non-students (Continuing Education) the price of the semester is 425$, however if you are taking it for credit points, you have to consult Cleveland State University.

Luka Zibelnik


  1. looking to learn Slovenian. Should have when I was younger

  2. I am interested in taking your online course. Could you provide me with information?


  3. I am interested in taking in taking SLN 101. Please send me more information and the syllabus.

  4. Hello Professor, my name Gary Oden and I’m looking to learn Slovenian. My wife Katarina is from Slovenian. We married 10 years and have two kids 6 and 8. I would like to learn Slovenian and have our kids learn it. Do you still offer classes?

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