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Embassy Event with Harvard Club of DC

The Embassy of Slovenia on Wednesday, November 12, hosted members of Harvard Club of Washington, D.C, a nonprofit organization, which sponsors educational, cultural, social, and charitable events and programs in the U.S. capital. After the introduction by the president of the club, Ms. Yi-Fun Hsueh, around 70 alumni with their spouses as well as current students were addressed by Deputy Chief of Mission, Vladimir Kolmanič, who in his remarks briefed the guests about Slovenia’s pathway from independence towards euro-transatlantic integrations, and outlined foreign policy priorities as well as the economy and investment opportunities.

He included in his presentation historical facts and geographical features of the country, cultural highlights, presented endeavors and activities of Slovenian diaspora in the U.S. as well as emphasized Slovenia’s most interesting sightseeing spots, tourist attractions and holidays that are traditionally celebrated. In this regard, he spoke about annual events that are organized throughout Slovenia on the occasion of St. Martin’s day, which was celebrated a day before the Harvard event, on November 11. The menu for the reception that followed the lecture included many of the traditional St. Martin’s dishes. The guests could taste duck and goose meat, red cabbage and mlinci pasta next to the traditional Slovenian potica, prosciutto, Carniolian sausage, and trout. Because St. Martin’s is mostly celebrated in connection with viticulture, the guests were introduced on the occasion to Slovenian wine from Štajersko and Primorsko regions of Slovenia, including Verus šipon, Marof chardonnay, Capris merlot, and Capris cabernet shiraz.

courtesy of Embassy of Slovenia

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