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The 34-year-old ski jumper Jernej Damjam from Ljubljana won for the second time in his career. Foto: Reuters

Damjan Came to Ruka As Reserve For Slovenian Team, And Won! (VIDEO)

The Slovenian ski jumper Jernej Damjan’s victory was a sensation of the second race of the Olympic season. In the Slovenian team of seven he replaced Timi Zajc, and won for the second time in his career.

The second place was taken by Johann Andre Forfang from Norway, and the third by Andreas Wellinger from Germany. The 34-year-old ski jumper from Ljubljana won for the second time in his career, after winning in Saporo in January 2014; it was the seventh time he stepped on the podium. It was the 65th individual victory of the Slovenian ski jumpers. With 100 points for the victory, Damjan thus holds the second place overall after two races.

Damjan made an excellent jump in the first series. With start number 9 he landed at 140,0 metres, and kept the leadership until the end.

“I was jumping very well all weekend, in spite of some small mistakes, and the two jumps at the race were the best. I expected to jump well in the first series, but I had my doubts about what to expect in the second series. I hope the doubts are behind me, and that I will continue to jump in the same manner. I was rather nervous after the first series; regardless of how much you try to convince yourself, being in the leading position after the first series and not being used to it causes a lot of pressure,” Damjan explained.

“Above all I am very pleased with Jernej’s victory. At the moment he is very relaxed at jumping, nothing can go wrong for him. It is not easy to win in Ruka. I would like to congratulate to our three other jumpers; four with points in a race – that’s it. Before the final series there was some nervousness, Jernej felt nervous as well, as he said, but he did a great job. Excellent!” Goran Janus added.

Throughout the race the wind was constant, which is quite unusual for Ruka.

Source: RTVSLO.si | Tilen Jamnik, MMC; translated by G. K.

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