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On Slovenia’s Initiative, the UN Proclaims May 20 as World Bee Day

On the initiative of Slovenia, the United Nations has declared May 20 to be World Bee Day, a date intended to emphasize the importance of bees to the survival of humans. May 20 is the birthday of Anton Janša, the founder of modern beekeeping and a native of Breznica, a village not far from Žirovnica in Slovenia’s Gorenjska region. The ...

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Will The EU Abolish The Time Shift?

By turning the time back for one hour this past night, Slovenia has entered the winter time, which means that Sunday (and time to sleep) will last one hour longer. Several MPs of the European parliament have started an initiative for the EU to abandon the time shift. At 3 a.m. this night the clocks were turned back to 2 ...

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Slovenia, Norway Best Countries For Kids

Slovenia and Norway have been declared the best countries for children to live in in a report by the international charity Save the Children, assessing the heath and well-being of children around the world. Slovenia and Norway top the list of 172 countries and are followed by Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden in the End of Childhood index, which takes ...

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