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Nuclear Power Key to Slovenia’s Carbon Neutrality

Nuclear Power Plant Slovenia

The government appears prepared to making construction of a new nuclear reactor a cornerstone of Slovenia's plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in line with EU goals. Prime Minister Marjan Šarec told parliament on Monday that without unit two at the Krško nuclear power station, the goal would not be achieved.

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Funding Approved For Launch of First Slovenian Satellite

The government has earmarked EUR 830,000 to fund the launch of what will be the first ever Slovenian satellite. The decision was adopted at committee level on Tuesday and goes some way towards securing the EUR 2.3 mio needed for the launch. The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology has already earmarked some funding, but other departments are now expected ...

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Slovenia – Europe’s new Silicon Valley?

Blockchain, the technology of the future, is in the spotlight of different governments today: several countries are fighting for the right to become Europe’s Silicon Valley in the field of decentralized technologies. Like Cyprus and Malta, known for loud statements of their politicians about blockchain, Slovenia strives to receive the title. Chances are high it will succeed. The country’s high ...

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AI Is the Future, And Slovenia Holds The Key

When artificial intelligence started becoming more than just a science fiction buzzword, Slovenia was one of the first countries to embrace it — as far back as the early 1970s. The investment continues to this day, and the Financial Times reports that Slovenia and the Czech Republic both continue to spend as much on research and innovation as other larger western European countries. Made Possible ...

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Pipistrel Partners Up With UBER To Launch VTOL Air Taxi Service

Slovenian ultralight plane maker Pipistrel has teamed up with US ride-hailing company Uber to develop electric aircraft for personal transportation in big cities. The two companies plan to unveil the first demonstration planes by 2020. The partnership marks the beginning of an interesting path towards new means of travel that will not only save users’ time but will also be ...

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What can Slovenian Companies Offer to European Space Agency (ESA)? A lot.

Slovenia has a lot of high-technological companies already cooperating, or wishing to cooperate with the European Space Agency. We are introducing some of them, along with the opinions of those cautioning against excessive optimism. This month the Republic of Slovenia signed an agreement under which Slovenia became an associated member of the European Space Agency (ESA). Once the agreement is ...

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Urska Srsen, Founder Of Bellabeat On Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe List

Urska Srsen designs and markets wearable technology you actually want to wear. Her female-focused company makes smart jewelry that tracks stress, activity — even menstrual cycles. The Y Combinator graduate employs 60 people and has offices in San Francisco, Shenzhen and Zagreb, Croatia.    About LEAF by Bellabeat Ever since it’s debut in late fall of 2014, the LEAF has ...

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Slovenian Prime Minister Visits Boston

On Wednesday, December 3, Slovenian Prime Minister dr. Miro Cerar, Boris Koprivnikar, Minister for Public Administration, and other members of the Slovenian delegation visited Boston, where they met with senior officials at data storage and information security company EMC, including the company’s president Amit Yoran.     Source: Embassy of Slovenia in Washington, D.C. Facebook Page

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Pentasens, Inc. Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Smart Device Aimed at Performing Daily Functions with the Click of a Button.

CLEVELAND, OH — June 3, 2015 — Pentasens, Inc., creator and developer of smart phone-compatible devices and applications, will begin its Kickstarter campaign today for its gadget, COOPY, a small, hand-held tool which provides users with a solution to complete multiple functions by simply clicking a button. “With the ever-growing demands of our day-to-day schedules and the potential danger of ...

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