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The Legacy of Vanished Monks

Žiče Charterhouse

Hidden among the bucolic countryside of the Štajerska (Slovenian Styria) is a unique monastery: The Žiče Charterhouse. Much of the structure is in ruins nowadays, but the remaining architecture serves as a testament to the important role the monastery once played in the religious and secular life in this part of Europe. The charterhouse – a monastery inhabited by monks ...

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The Longest Cheese Strudel in Slovenia (160 m/525 foot, 800 kg/1764 lbs)

Stritar Street in Ljubljana has again offered record sweet goodness – after the longest baklava, on Saturday passers-by could taste a piece of cheese strudel that measured 160 meters (525 foot) in length. The longest cheese strudel ever baked in Slovenia was produced by Žito Group at the request of Lions Club Ljubljana charity organization. It measured 160 meters (525 foot) ...

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The Hidden Beauty of an Overlooked Mountain Range

The Karavanke Mountains, which straddle Slovenia’s border with Austria, aren’t as well-known as the Julian Alps, but this Alpine range is in many ways just as interesting. Recently, its uniqueness has been officially recognized when a large part of the range became a park of the Karavanke Geopark. Recognized by UNESCO, the park contains territory in both Slovenia and Austria. ...

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Slovenia Observing Europe Day

A series of events will be held around Slovenia to observe Europe Day, the day in 1950 when French Foreign Minister Robert Schumann presented his declaration for cooperation in Europe whose aim was to foster lasting peace among nations. The declaration proposed the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community, which in 1951 became the first European Community and ...

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Today’s Slovenes Around the World

The second half of the 19th century marked the first of multiple major waves immigration of Slovenes to foreign countries.   This translated to approximately a half-million people who left Slovenia for both economic and political reasons.  Today Slovenes and their descendants can be found scattered around the globe with major concentrations throughout Europe, the U.S., Argentina and Australia. How ...

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Tulip Show in Full Bloom

The Volčji Potok Arboretum is hosting its 25th annual springtime tulip show, allowing visitors to walk among blooming fields of tulips and see floral decorations by Slovenian gardeners. The show will be on display until 2 May. The most important feature of this year’s show is its increased size. Organizers said a new planting technique allowed for larger fields to ...

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Digital Campaign Promoting Slovenia in Europe and North America

The Slovenian Tourism Board (STO) launched on Monday a digital campaign promoting Slovenia in a dozen of European countries as well as in the US and Canada. Running until mid November, it aims to get 150 million online hits and reach at least 50 million Facebook users and a million users on Instagram. The global campaign is to address key markets ...

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Bled Considered The Most Beautiful by Brits

According to The Guardian, “for a country of just two million people, Slovenia has much more than its share of sights and attractions.” They published the list of places and sights outside Ljubljana which The Guardian readers believe must be visited. Bled was listed on the first place, which came as no surprise, with special mention of Villa Bled. “Once ...

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Slovenia Attracts Global Interest With Shepherd Dream Job Offer

People from France, Spain, England, Ireland, Finland and even Australia, the US and New Zealand are applying for a dream job offer of a shepherd at the foot of the picturesque Velika Planina plateau. The campaign, lunched earlier this month, is part of promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination. The emerging Eco resort at the foot of Velika Planina, ...

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