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Nuclear Power Key to Slovenia’s Carbon Neutrality

Nuclear Power Plant Slovenia

The government appears prepared to making construction of a new nuclear reactor a cornerstone of Slovenia's plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in line with EU goals. Prime Minister Marjan Šarec told parliament on Monday that without unit two at the Krško nuclear power station, the goal would not be achieved.

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A Villa Among the Vineyards

The Brda region, known for its orchards and its vineyard-covered hills, has recently emerged as one of Slovenia’s leading tourist attractions. But Villa Vipolže, a magnificent Renaissance manor, reminds visitors that the region has always been rich in natural bounty.

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A Drink from the Karst Plateau

The windswept Karst Plateau is known for its stark beauty, but for the people who live there, the environment, with its hot summers and bitterly cold winter, is often unforgiving; even fresh water can be in short supply.

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Funding Approved For Launch of First Slovenian Satellite

The government has earmarked EUR 830,000 to fund the launch of what will be the first ever Slovenian satellite. The decision was adopted at committee level on Tuesday and goes some way towards securing the EUR 2.3 mio needed for the launch. The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology has already earmarked some funding, but other departments are now expected ...

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Tomaž Rotar the Fourth Slovene to Conquer K2

Last weekend climber Tomaž Rotar became the fourth Slovene to conquer the world’s second highest mountain – the 8611m high K2. This summer’s climbing season for the highest peaks of Karakorum in Pakistan started with a lot of snow and there was nothing to indicate that this would be followed by a record season for climbing K2. 62 climbers managed ...

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The Mysteries of Slovenia’s Gunpowder Factory

Tourists who travel from Kamnik to the Kamniška Bistrica Valley are often intrigued by a large complex of walled-in, largely abandoned buildings. The vaguely menacing complex was once the site of a gunpowder factory set up for the needs of the Austro-Hungarian Army. The factory was established in the 1850s. The Austro-Hungarian Army had confiscated a gunpowder facility in the ...

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A House of Bees

Slovenia prides itself as a country of bees and beekeepers. In fact, the UN recently declared the first International Day of Bees on Slovenia’s initiative. In the remote but spectacular Soča River Valley, a historic, but little visited apiary known as the Matija Bee House recalls Slovenia’s beekeeping heritage. In the 19th century, Slovenian beekeepers pioneered many techniques that were eventually ...

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Pahor Gives Mandate To Form The Government to Janša, Who Will Invite All Parties To Join Him

“The winner must receive an opportunity to justify the support he had been given by the people. This strengthens the trust of people in democracy and makes the coalition-building process clear an understandable,” said President Borut Pahor after meeting with Janez Janša, the winner of the early general election. Pahor indicated that he will give Janša the mandate to form ...

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Slovenia Developing New Tourism Branch – Apitourism

Ljubljana – Slovenia, which has initiated the declaration of World Bee Day, is a pioneer in honeybee tourism or apitourism. It is also considered the cradle of apitherapy – a form of therapy that uses honey bee products and aromas from the beehive to help cure respiratory and other diseases. Apitourism is a growing worldwide culture for bee-seeking travelers and ...

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