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Jure Leskovec Receives the Prestigious Ambassador of Science Award

Jure Leskovec has been awarded the Recognition of the Ambassador of Science of the Republic of Slovenia, a national award given to a Slovenian native each year in recognition of outstanding achievements and global scientific impact. The Committee selected Jure for this prestigious title due to his leadership, outstanding academic and research achievements as well as for training Slovenian students ...

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Embassy Event with Harvard Club of DC

The Embassy of Slovenia on Wednesday, November 12, hosted members of Harvard Club of Washington, D.C, a nonprofit organization, which sponsors educational, cultural, social, and charitable events and programs in the U.S. capital. After the introduction by the president of the club, Ms. Yi-Fun Hsueh, around 70 alumni with their spouses as well as current students were addressed by Deputy Chief of Mission, Vladimir Kolmanič, who in his remarks briefed the guests about Slovenia’s pathway from independence towards ...

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VTIS United States of America: Slovene Science Around the World

Društvo v tujini izobraženih Slovencev – VTIS (in English: Association of Slovenes Educated Abroad) is organizing an event called “VTIS United States of America: Slovene Science Around the World”. The event will feature short presentations of the work of Slovenes who are active at universities and research institutes in and around New York City. The goals of the event are ...

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