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ELAN – Pride of Slovenia and a Global Player in Ski Production

“Who thinks about sleep, or about money? The world is waiting for me, and for Elan. In the year 2000, you will see, a magnificent factory will stand in this place,” Rudi Finžgar once proclaimed passionately. And so it happened, but he did it 30 years earlier, in 1970. Rudi Finžgar, a skier, expert craftsman, inventor, pioneer, visionary and, most ...

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A Slovenian Bicycle Repairman Became a Pioneer Car Builder

In 1862, Janez Puh was born into a Slovenian family in the village of Sakušak in what is now eastern Slovenia. He was one of many children (as many as nine according to some sources), but despite the modest conditions of his childhood, he went on to establish a company that helped to pioneer the automobile industry. Puh left his ...

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A Slovenian-Designed Chair Captivated The World

It’s a design classic. Graceful in its simplicity and inspired by the understated elegance of Scandinavian design, the Rex Chair wonderful example of post-war modernism. Since its creation, it has not only attracted a cult following but has also been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious museums. It’s also the work of a Slovenian designer. Niko Kralj, an ...

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