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A Bread With a Long History

Slovenia’s southern province of Bela Krajina is known as a land of sun-drenched vineyards and birch forests. It is also the home of a local delicacy whose origins date back to migrations from the Western Balkans. The dish is known as “Belokranjska pogača” and is essentially a type of flatbread topped with a layer of caraway, eggs, and sea salt. ...

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ELAN – Pride of Slovenia and a Global Player in Ski Production

“Who thinks about sleep, or about money? The world is waiting for me, and for Elan. In the year 2000, you will see, a magnificent factory will stand in this place,” Rudi Finžgar once proclaimed passionately. And so it happened, but he did it 30 years earlier, in 1970. Rudi Finžgar, a skier, expert craftsman, inventor, pioneer, visionary and, most ...

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Brdo Mansion Celebrating Half a Millennium

Celebrations marking the 505th anniversary of Brdo Mansion, a renaissance mansion now used for protocol events, started last evening with the opening of an exhibition of the “Treasures of the Castle Library”. A number of events are planed until 18 October and access will be enabled to parts of the mansion usually off limits to the public. Špela Munih Stanič, ...

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Novo mesto Auto Industry Celebrating 60th Anniversary

First Renaul 4 from Novo Mesto (File photo)

A ceremony in Novo mesto will launch on Thursday evening celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the beginnings of the thriving car and caravan industry in this southeastern town, home for instance to Renault’s subsidiary Revoz. The story, continuing with Revoz, caravan maker Adria Mobil and automotive parts supplier TPV, began with Industrija Motornih Vozil or IMV (Industry of Motor ...

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In the winter of 1952, life in Slovenia came to a standstill

On February 13, 1952, snow began to fall on Slovenia and didn’t let up for three days. It caused widespread chaos that has become a part of Slovenian weather history. It all began when a blast of cold Arctic air formed an area of low pressure in the Mediterranean. In Slovenia, the warm Adriatic and the cold continental air masses ...

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