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Slovenian Exodus of 1945

Slovenian Exodus 1945

The Slovenian American Council has the privilege to introduce the book EXODUS 1945 which encompasses the history of Slovenia from World War I to the aftermath of World War II and the subsequent history of the Slovenian political refugees of 1945 until its independence in 1991. The author, Jože Rant, lived through that period. His text is free from Party ...

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Slovenian Lady – A Greeting to American – Pozdrav

Slovenian Lady Cleveland City Hall

The sculpture, of patinated cherry, shows a Slovenian Lady in traditional dress, complete with AVBA (bonnet). She carries in her arm a bouquet of nageljni (red carnations), the Slovenian national flower, and waves a handkerchief in greeting. The original ancient oak base shows the capital city's coat-of-arms, with Ljubljana Castle on the hills of the city, and Dragon as Protector of the city and the Ljubljanica river.

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In 1968, Slovenian Television Broadcast The Main Evening News In The Slovenian Language For The First Time

When Slovenian television viewers turned on their TV sets to watch the main evening news on April 15, 1968, they noticed something very different. For the first time ever, the news was in Slovenian. Up to that point, the main evening newscast had always been always produced in Belgrade. It was broadcast in the Serbo-Croatian language, which many people in ...

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Crowd in Mojstrana admires arrival of Aljaž Tower by helicopter

Several hundred locals, journalists and other spectators waited at the heliport in Mojstrana for the arrival of the Aljaž Tower, which for the first time in its 123-year history left the Triglav summit due to maintenance and restoration works. The procedure started at around 5 in the morning when the head of the project, Martin Kavčič from the Slovenian Cultural ...

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The Music of a Mining Town

For centuries, the town of Idrija in western Slovenia was famous for its mercury mine. Now closed and preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the mine provided a livelihood to generations of local residents. It also led to the creation of a wind band that is among the oldest in the world. After mercury was discovered in the area ...

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The Mysteries of Slovenia’s Gunpowder Factory

Tourists who travel from Kamnik to the Kamniška Bistrica Valley are often intrigued by a large complex of walled-in, largely abandoned buildings. The vaguely menacing complex was once the site of a gunpowder factory set up for the needs of the Austro-Hungarian Army. The factory was established in the 1850s. The Austro-Hungarian Army had confiscated a gunpowder facility in the ...

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A Generous Donation

The town of Kamnik is best known for its medieval old town and for the mountains that surround it. But in the outskirts, visitors can also find a Gothic convent that has been the home of nuns for centuries. The first building on the spot, in an area known as Mekinje, was built in the 12th century. According to legend, the ...

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Slovenia’s Ski Making Pioneer

Slovenia has a along tradition of skiing; the residents of the Bloke Plateau were the first in Central Europe to use skis for transportation. But it was a man named Jakob Rozman who created the first Slovenian brand of skis – and helped to make skiing the national pastime. The story began in the Bohinj Valley, which is surrounded by ...

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A Doctor’s Vision

Franc Derganc was not just one of Slovenia’s leading surgeons; he was also a medical entrepreneur. He set up the first private hospital in Slovenia – an institution that would play a key role in the country’s resistance to Fascist occupation. Derganc was born in the sleepy Bela Krajina town of Semič, a place known for its gentle vineyards and ...

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