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Potica, The Delicious Queen of Festive Dishes

Potica takes first place among traditional festive pastries in Slovenia. This is especially true during Easter. It is a rolled pastry made of leavened dough filled with any of a great variety of fillings. Slovenian housewives also love baking poticas at non-festive times to pamper their loved ones. In households, grandmothers and mothers often have an important task to train ...

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The Hills Above Tolmin Are Famous For an Age-old Cheese

The meadows high above the town of Tolmin are ideal for the production of dairy products, and for centuries the area has been the home to a unique type of cheese. Affected by both Mediterranean and Central European air masses, the Tolmin area in western Slovenia is perfect for various types of plants that make its high-altitude pastures prime cow-grazing ...

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A Coca-Cola Substitute Became a Leading Slovenian Brand

In the 1950s, Coca-Cola was conquering the world, but the iconic American soft drink wasn’t available in Communist Yugoslavia. A Slovenian company decided to offer a substitute – and created an iconic brand of its own. In the interwar period, Emeril Zelinka owned a company that made syrups and liquor. As the manager, he made sure to keep in touch ...

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A Bread With a Long History

Slovenia’s southern province of Bela Krajina is known as a land of sun-drenched vineyards and birch forests. It is also the home of a local delicacy whose origins date back to migrations from the Western Balkans. The dish is known as “Belokranjska pogača” and is essentially a type of flatbread topped with a layer of caraway, eggs, and sea salt. ...

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Slovenia Is Too Shy to Tell You How Great Its Wine Is

The greatest winemaking nation may not be France, Italy, New Zealand, or Australia—it could be one you’ve never heard of. Like Slovenia. Nestled above Italy and tucked just underneath Austria, the central European country spent centuries as part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Occupied by Nazi Germany, it was co-opted into the former Yugoslavia and for the last 24 years, has been a ...

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Slovenia Shaping Up for Fight Over Teran Wine

Slovenia plans to fight Croatia’s renewed efforts to use the name Teran – which Slovenia protected in the EU – for a wine produced in the Istria region that it cannot sell under the current arrangement. “We expect from the European Commission to shield the Slovenian protected origin. There are no talks under way with Croatia, we did not consent ...

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