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Slovenian Teodoor – Smart Lock on Kickstarter

Teodoor is reliable and secure Bluetooth operated smart lock. It fits perfectly on the inside of your door lock in seconds. With Teodoor, your smartphone becomes your new door key. It installs easily on the inside of your existing lock on a wide variety of doors, providing you with a complete, personal smart lock experience – in truly hands-free fashion. Using ...

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    Slovenia, a Land Of Startups

    Although small in size, Slovenia has a vibrant start-up community which has evolved greatly since the beginnings of Zemanta. When thinking of its brightest stars, one cannot bypass a sensation such as Outfit 7, whose apps have been downloaded more than three billion times and ware just recently sell to China investors for more than US $1 billion.  Celtra, the developer ...

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      First Slovenian Kids Go To Kickstarter

      24 Hands Stands: New Stand for Kids by Kids is a unique Kickstarter campaign, first of it’s kind in Slovenia, since it is made by children aged 9 to 13 who have first been learning about Kickstarter for four months at Tri sestre Society’s entrepreneurial workshop Otroci grejo na Kickstarter (Kids go to Kickstarter). And then they developed the idea. The ...

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        Slovenians On Kickstarter! Ziggie Bag – Don’t just cycle…REcycle

        We’re certain that every cyclist in his cycling career has been forced to change at least one inner tube, which eventually found its way to the landfill site. So what if we told you that we could breathe new life into used bicycle inner tubes, that we could transform them into sexy, slightly extravagant and handy retro bicycle bags? The ...

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